Editor Neeta Lal of Indian Moneycontrol wrote: Vietnam is a country full of delectable food and beautiful landscapes.

Vietnam boasts jaw dropping natural wonders, lush green rice paddies, scintillating streetscapes and Vietnamese cuisine is a symphony of flavours; making Vietnam a bucket-list destination for curious travellers.

Direct flights connecting major cities of India with Vietnam as well as its favourable online visa facility, Vietnam’s charms seem even more irresistible, stated Neeta Lal.

And here are Neeta Lal’s recommendations for travellers to this beautiful Southeast Asian paradise:

Ha Noi

The capital Ha Noi is an attractive destination and the first suggestion in the list of destinations in Vietnam. Ha Noi Capital is associated with rich culture and cuisine, always a destination that attracts tourists from different nationalities around the world.

ha-noi-viet-namHoan Kiem Lake, Ha Noi (Photo: TITC)

Starting from the Old Quarter – the heart of the city. According to Neeta, this is a crowded area with a variety of commercial establishments and small yet diverse attractions.

Immersing in Ha Noi’s Old Quarter culture will be an incredible experience for visitors to go from this surprise to another.

When walking around the small streets in the Old Quarter, each street is specifically named after the handicraft items commonly sold or produced here. Visitors can choose from beautiful fabrics, handicrafts, bamboo pottery, snacks, handbags and more. The price is also affordable.

Don’t pay attention to the tourist groups or the roads full of motorbikes passing by, Neeta wrote. In the whirlwind of busy streets, combined with street sounds and smells, this feeling is worth experiencing in Vietnam.

Beauty and the beach

Boasting over 3,000 km of coast line, Vietnam has many fresh beaches with velvety smooth sand, fresh seafood and thrilling water activities. Accommodations also offer a variety of choices. Remarkably, Phu Quoc has been voted by ‘Time’ magazine as one of the world’s most beautiful islands, possessing periwinkle waters filled with coral reefs, more than 150 species of tropical fish and other exotic species – a destination well worth a visit.

Mong,Tay,Island,Hon Mong Tay, Phu Quoc Island City

Phu Quoc’s beachside cafes and small eateries will serve traditional local Vietnamese dishes including the country’s famous coffee, banh mi, and Pho – a dish that is so famous in Vietnam, is also available on this pearl island.

Mekong Delta

The fertile Mekong Delta, a charming countryside in Southern Vietnam, will bring visitors a profound discovery of the floating population, the lush beauty of rice fields, and endless orchards under the expert guidance of friendly locals for sustainable development.

The delta’s iconic floating markets also offer a glimpse into the traditional Vietnamese lifestyle that has remained unchanged for hundreds of years.

Book a countryside experience to visit peaceful villages or take a gondola ride along narrow creeks and canals to experience riverside life up close.

Neeta shared, that taking a bike tour through lush green fields is such good a idea, as is signing up for a Mekong River cruise, an once-in-a-lifetime experience.

There are hostels in the area or staying with local families will help you integrate into the lifestyle here. Experience Vietnamese cuisine by making coconut candy, rice cakes, pho and flavorful salads.

Food like a symphony of flavors

Neeta indicated that Vietnamese cuisine is like a symphony of flavors. Seafood is caught fresh from the ocean, and delicious tropical fruits, and fragrant herbs and spices are incorporated into familiar dishes. She is impressed the most with salads made from banana flowers, lotus roots, grapefruit, and green mango in Vietnam.

Neeta also experienced the restaurant serving Vietnamese dishes inspired by the five basic elements – Wood, Earth, Fire, Metal, and Water. Therefore, dishes like bun cha or spring rolls are often served with fresh vermicelli and herbs.

Rice flour crispy pancakes filled with green beans served with mustard leaves and local herbs will take your taste buds to a place you’ve never been before. Or enjoy dinner at the luxurious beachfront restaurant Corallo, including Vietnamese-style Flambé burgers and charcoal-grilled dishes, which is also a special experience.

Tourism Information Technology Center- https://vietnamtourism.gov.vn/

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