Geologic location: Ha Tinh locates in the Northen Central Region, from 170 54’ to 18050 latitude and from 1050 – 1080 longitude. To the North it border with Nghe An along 88 km; to the South, it shares with Quang Binh province 130 km provincial border; It look to the Eastern Sea (South China Sea) along 137 km to the East; to the West it shares 147 km of national border with 2 provinces of Lao PDR, namely Bolikhamxay and Kham muon.
There are 3 border districts, namely Huong Son (47 km border long, with 2 border communes of Son Kim and Son Hong); Vu Quang (45 km long with 2 border communes) and Huong Khe (65 km border line and 5 border communes of Hoà Hải, Hương Vịnh, Phú Gia, Hương Lâm, Hương Liên).

In Ha Tinh province, there is an international border gate named Cau Treo – Nam Phao linked with National road No. 8 and 3 small amount ways, namely Ban Giang leading to Kham muon, Kim Quang leading to Kham Cot (Bolikham xay) and Son Hong leading to Bo li kham xay. Ha Tinh also has seaport of Xuan Hai and deep seaport of Vung Ang. It has the National road No. 1 passing along, Ho Chi Minh Highway, National trail system passing by

Area: 6055,74 km2, or one eighth of the country’s area.

Topography: It locates at the Eastern of Truong Son range with a narrow and sloppy terrain, leaning from the West to the East with a slopping degree of 1.2 %. In the West, it is mountains with average height of 1,500 m, adjacent to a bowls- on- side shaped hill range, then a small, narrow belt of plain (average height of 500 m), then a coastal sandy strip. Mountainous areas occupy 80% of the natural area, which is sharply, complicatedly divided into different ecological sub -area. Each sub area has a close link between its socio-economic and ecological conditions, which makes Ha Tinh a place of several valuable tourism landscapes such as: Vu Quang primeval Forest, Vu Mon waterfall, beaches of Xuan Thanh, Thach Hai, Thien Cam, Deo con..

Transportation system:

Ha Tinh has 7 districts that have National road No.1 passing along, and 4 districts that have the national railroad passing by. The township of Ha Tinh province is about 50 km far from Vinh city. National road No. 8 has 100km passing by Ha Tinh province and linked with National road No. 1 and Ho Chi Minh Highway, which passes through 3 districts of Huong Son, Huong Khe and Vu Quang (80 km long).

+ Road system: The National road No. 1A of third level standard road in plain runs along the province from Thuy river bank, through Nghi Xuan district, Hong Linh town, Ha Tinh town to other districts of Can Loc, Cam Xuyen, Thach Ha, Ky anh with a length of 126 km.

National road No. 8A links Hong Linh town with Cau Treo bordergate, 90km long, from where it is easy to access Laos PDR and Northeastern provinces of Thailand.

National road No. 12 links Vung Ang deep seaport (Ha Tinh) with Tha Khec (Lao PDR) through ChaLo (Quang Binh province, VN). This is the shortest link between the East – West economic corridor and the province and it creates more favourable conditions for exploring the huge land of Western part of Ha Tinh, Quang Binh province and the Vietnam- Lao borderline.

Besides, Ha Tinh province has 28 domestic roads of provincial level with total length of 388.8 km; 46 inter district roads with total length of 1,646 km and inter commune road system that is accessible by car to all its 239 communes with total length of 3 623 km.

+ Rail road: North – South railroad passes through 2 districts in Ha Tinh, namely Huong Khe and Duc Tho with 4 big rail station: Yên Trung, Đức Lạc, Chu Lễ và Tân Ấp. Another railroad named Vũng Áng – Thà Khẹc is expected to be built cut across the North- South rail road.

+Sea Port: The Government of Vietnam has a master plan for building up Vung Ang seaport group with several ports of general wharfs, special wharfs in order to serve the industries of mechanism, steel making, ship building and repairing, petrochemistry and especially turning the port into a special address to help Lao PDR import and export of goods and open its trade to the world.
The wharf No. 1 in Vung Ang deep sea port has a designed capacity of receiving annual goods of 460.000 ton/year. It now is able to receive a separate vessel of 30,000 ton – tonnage and a special vessel of 45,000 ton tonnage. The second phase of the Seaport is now on progress, hopefully it will increase the capacity and the comprehensive conditions of the Port for receiving of vessels of up to 50,000 ton capacity.
In the Northern district of Nghi Xuan, there is also a seaport called Xuân Hải, which is cable to receive vessel of 2,000 ton tonnage”


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