Geographical position
Thai Nguyen province borders Ha Noi capital in the North, Vinh Phuc and Tuyen Quang provinces in the West, Lang Son and Bac Giang provinces in the East and Bac Kan province in the South. The provincial center is Thai Nguyen city, 80 kilometers away from Ha Noi capital and 50 kilometers from Noi Bai international airport. Thai Nguyen has an important role in the economic and cultural exchange between the mountainous midland and the Red River Delta through the road, railway and waterway systems with the root in Thai Nguyen city.

Area: 3542.6 km ²

Thai Nguyen province has 9 administrative units, comprising Thai Nguyen city, Song Cong town and 7 districts namely Pho Yen, Phu Binh, Dong Hy, Vo Nhai, Dai Tu, Dinh Hoa and Phu Luong.

Population:1,124,786 people

“Thai Nguyen province has a long-lasting revolutionary tradition and much potential for socio-economic development. Thai Nguyen has some competitive advantages as bordering Ha Noi capital, near Noi Bai international airport, having a system of transportation roads as National highway No. 3, National Highway No. 37, National highway No. 1B and in 2008 the province will have new national highway No. 3 satisfying the standards of an expressway. The province also has railway systems as Ha Noi- Thai Nguyen, Thai Nguyen- Kep Luu Xa, railway routes inside industrial zones as Gang Thep- Thai Nguyen and Thai Nguyen- Nui Hong. In the future, Thai Nguyen will have railway routes to such provinces as Lang Son, Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Quang Ninh and some provinces bordering China.
Thai Nguyen province is the industrial and educational center of Viet Nam where training high-skilled labors for the whole country. Till 2010, the province will have 10 universities and 17 colleges. The province is also the health center of the North East region, and also the trade and tourism center with well-known sightseeing as Nui Coc Lake, Phuong Hoang cave, Mo Ga stream, ATK historical tourism area of the North of Viet Nam.
Thai Nguyen has precious minerals and potentials for developing trade and services to meet the demand of people in the region and attract investment. With the market-oriented economy under direction of the Government, in 2008, Thai Nguyen has attracted hundred of projects of the first-ranking international and domestic investors in the field of automobile assembling, electronic technology, manufacturing mechanics, minerals processing, tourism and services…
In order to meet the demand of investors, the province is promoting master and detailed plan, land utilizing plan, and plan of precious natural resources.
Besides, the province has a long-lasting cultural tradition and dignity of the mountainous and highland region in the North of Viet Nam. Thai Nguyen has famous specialty as tea and the water and climate included in the ecosystem of Pacific region, thus favoring the development of medical trees and eco-tourism.
Thai Nguyen is the meeting region of people in the whole country of Viet Nam with tradition of consolidation, friendliness and the cultural dignity of all regions of Viet Nam. Thai Nguyen hopes to have a chance to cooperate with foreign and domestic investors. Information on Thai Nguyen province is on the websites: Thai Nguyen province welcomes you to Viet Nam and the heroic province of Thai Nguyen.

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